Plumber in Oklahoma City

Plumber in Oklahoma City

Plumber in Oklahoma City is the best when looking for an Oklahoma City Plumber. So don’t be distressed. What else could be more disturbing than a dripping bathroom faucet? It’s nearly impossible to ignore the dripping sound in your bathroom while you are having a nap. But fixing your them is quite simple. If the dripping is left unchecked, it can cause an increase in your monthly water bills plus constant nuisance for you.

How to Locate the Leak?

Faucets are mostly of four kinds; ceramic disk, ball type, compression, and cartridge. All types rely on different elements, including rubber washers, O-ring, or neoprene seals. If any of these elements are out of order, they will start dripping, and you have to check all of them to get to the root of the problem.

In most cases the problem is with the bib washer wearing out, getting old and hard or flattening out over the years. You can fix leaky washers using essential plumbing tools with a little bit of information.

What Causes a Bathroom them to drip?

There are many irritating factors that lead to the under-functioning of them, and dripping water is able to create sticky stains on your bathtubs, basins, and floor. Some of the common causes are:

  • Rusting Valve Sets – A valve set is a joint that connects with the spout. When the spout starts dripping, it means the valves have been corroded due to water accumulation.
  • Leaky O-rings –. On these older ones the 0 ring will wear out and cause a leak. As they are used regularly, so the O-ring becomes worn or flattens over time. Replacing the O-ring can fix the dripping of these on the out side.
  • Broken Washer – The most common cause of the drip is damaged or worn-out washers. This type of leakage is found only in the use of bib washers and can be mended by replacing the old ones.
  • Damaged Disc Cartridge – The leakage in the cartridge can be due to the cartridge being worn out. By swapping the old cartridge with the new one can quickly be done.
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Materials Required – For Fixing a Leak

The materials required to fix the drips are:

  • New repair parts
  • Plumber’s grease

Tools Required – For Fixing the Leaks

Following tools are required for fixing the problem.

  • Pocket knife
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Seat wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Handle puller
  • Socket wrench
  • Bolts, screws, and washers
  • Sponge or cloth for cleaning

Step-by-Step Process – For Fixing a these issues

The very first step if you are trying to repair a drip is turning the water connection off. There are water pipes under your sink that are the water source for the sink. Turn the handles clockwise to cut the water supply before you start fixing.

After disconnecting the water supply, make sure to remove the decorative parts. iI there are any. You will only need a simple flat-head screwdriver to do the disassemble. There is a screw present under the knob that connects the handle with the stem. Please take pictures of all the parts you remove to help you assemble them after replacing the washers or O-ring.

When you take the handle screw off, tilt the handle a bit to remove it if you face difficulty in removing the handle. Take a hairdryer and heat it with warm air. This will help you remove the handle. Don’t pull the handle too hard, or else it will break. Check all the parts you removed to avoid any damage.


Depending on the type, there are some stems that pop off straight while others need a little twist to come off.

This is the real part that you need to reach in order to fix the leakage. An escutcheon is a plate that covers the wall where the stem assembly is fixed. Depending on the type, you may need a screwdriver to remove the escutcheon or simply twist it.

You will require an adjustable wrench for removing the stem assembly. After removing the stem assembly, you can access the faulty part directly.

So, after removing all the parts of the stem, check on the washers or O-ring now inside the valves. It’s essential to get the new washers and O-ring that are exactly the same as the old ones. Or sometimes, you may require to get your old O-ring to the local hardware as a sample to buy the new one.

The old washer will be deformed, and that’s the reason for dripping. If you have spare washers, then use them, or get the new ones from the local hardware. Put the new washer in place and screw it firmly.

The other reason for the issue can be seat damage. The seat is located near the washer; it can get damaged due to corrosion and cause dripping. So, before replacing the washer, check the seat once to see if there is any damage.

Replace the handle using a screwdriver. While fixing the handle, you have to make sure that you do not fix it too tightly, which will ultimately cause it to break. Or, do not fix the handle loosely to avoid future dripping.

After replacing the handle, push it back firmly to fix it in place.

Once you have fixed the faulty washer or O-ring, you have to assemble the valve set, and stem set again into place. After that, you replace the handle and fix it firmly. Now, all you have to do is to turn the water supply on from the valves located beneath the sink.

Once you have reconnected the water source, you will be able to check the dripping. Open and close your bathroom taps at least twice to see if the leakage has been stopped. If they are still dripping, then you should be calling your local plumber.