Plumber in Okc

Plumber in Okc

A collapsed pipe is a worst nightmare for any homeowner when they need a Plumber in Okc or Okc Plumber. When you think of a clog, you might be thinking of resolving the issue with plunging. But collapsed sewer pipes are the end result of many sewer line clogs and problems. When minor sewer line problems are left untreated, they give rise to collapsed or broken sewer pipes.

Collapsed pipes are not only a huge inconvenience, but they can also cost thousands to get fixed. As soon as you notice the changes in your drains or sewer lines, rush to the licensed contractor. Once you notice that your pipes are collapsed, you have two options: either repair the existing one or get it replaced by the new one.

Experiencing collapsed sewer pipes might be very stressful, but it can be done immediately if you notice the following danger signs of broken pipes:

No drainage or prolonged drainage is hectic to deal with. Sometimes, homeowners become frustrated handling this situation. When the sewer pipes are collapsed, the whole drainage system blocks, and you will notice the backflow of water in your bathroom tubs or kitchen sinks.

If you face constant problems while draining if you are washing dishes or bathing, you should immediately call a licensed plumber and get your sewer pipes checked.

The foul-smelling yard is another obvious sign of collapsed pipes. When your pipes are collapsed, you will notice this foul sewerage smell where there is a water supply, whether it’s in your backyard, lawn, kitchen sinks or toilets, etc.

Sometimes, you might notice the foul odors, but there won’t be any visible sign of collapsed pipes such as slow drainage. This condition might occur due to the sinking of any foreign particle in your sewer line. But in other cases, if the smell is consistent and you find no other way to deal with it, just contact our techs before it’s too late.

Not only this smell is annoying but it also foster many airborne bacteria that have the potential to deteriorate your family’s health.

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When your sewer pipes are collapsed or damaged, the water drainage through your house will slow down or even stops sometimes. There is no way for water to flow in this condition, which will cause the water to damage your building and destroy the walls. It will create damp patches all over your walls and ceilings.

The damp will cause the growth of mold over your walls, floors, or ceilings, which will create an unhealthy environment for the children and elders. Damp and mold growth is the clear-cut warning sign of broken sewer pipes.

Where drainage trouble is a huge frustration for you, it allows the issues to grow and multiply unlimitedly. When a sewer pipe is collapsed, it becomes vulnerable to intrusions from the outside.

And sewer pipes are the favorite residence for rodents. Rats can live and thrive in the collapsed sewer pipes. And if they find out the way to your home, buildings, they’d end up living in your bathrooms or kitchens.

If you notice that rats have infested your place through the sewer pipes, call both the pest control and plumbing authorities. A pest-control company will take care of the rodents, and a plumbing company will repair or replace your sewer pipes.

As the main sewer line of your house is located outside in your lawn or backyard, therefore if sewer pipes are not functioning properly, it will first affect your lawn. If your sewer pipes are cracked or collapsed, water will find its way to seep out and flood your lawn along with the foul-smelling odor.

If you notice continuous water bubbles or water pools on your lawn, it’s definitely an indication of cracked sewer pipes. Moreover, soaked lawns attract several insects and rodents. So to best avoid this frustrating situation, call the plumbing services immediately.

Another prevalent and obvious sign of collapsed sewer pipes is the appearance of dark and lush patches of green grass in your lawn or yard where sewer lines are close to the ground. When the sewer pipes are cracked, water starts seeping into the nearby soil and may form water pools.


The sewage water is rich in nutrients; thus, the grass that is grown over the damaged area is comparatively greener and healthier. The nutrients in sewage water act as excellent fertilizers, but this form of fertilizers are not recommended for long-term irrigation.

If the sewer water puddles at the damaged area, the grass will start dying because of the over-saturation. But it may require a lot of time for the grass to die, so the growth of the greener and lush grass is the sign that your sewer pipes need to get fixed

The severe condition of collapsed pipes is major damage to the buildings, households, including the appearance of large cracks on the slabs, walls pavement, garage, or the cranks maybe appear in the form of large sinkholes.

The leakage of sewer pipes under the pavement develops big potholes and cause a lot of structural damage to the affected place. Another evident indication of broken pipes is the cracks in the foundations of the buildings or, even in severe cases, the shifting of the earth a bit.

Another major contributing factor to the foundation damage is old sewer pipes. These pipes may break at many places and cause some major serious issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it that experiencing a collapsed sewer pipe is the most stressful and annoying situation. So, to avoid further problems, whenever you notice any of the above warning signs, reach out to licensed company. Get your broken pipes fixed as soon as possible to decrease the risk factors of major damages to your buildings and homes.

And if the broken pipes are neglected even for a few days, they will cause major damage that will require extremely costly repair.

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